Do you like beat syncing to save someone's life?
Well, this is the game for you! 

Join Dr Tania in this rhythm game, where she goes for a home visit and is faced with a patient showing fading signs of life. Using a state-of-the-art pulse reviver ECG app on her phone, help Dr Tania sync ECG beats to sick beats and revive her patient!

Space bar: make an ECG beat + progress dialogue
Esc: Options menu

Gameplay Design: Brimo Moore (@brimomoore)
Narrative Design: Shivani (@shivanishawr)
Programming: exuin (@emily2), Schinken (@Schinken)
Sound: Brimo Moore (@brimomoore)

This was made in 48hrs for the Area of Effect Game Jam 2021


Download 17 MB
Download 17 MB
Download 29 MB


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Love the concept, Great work !

Thank you :)